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Re$ubmitIt is an electronic check recovery service that utilizes proven RCK (electronic re-presentment) technology to help you collect more money from NSF checks, allowing you to spend less time and resources on the collection process.

  • Instead of returning NSF checks to you for collection, NWSB automatically sends them to the Re$ubmitIt check processing center, where eligible checks are re-presented electronically to the check writer’s bank account for payment
  • The conversion of an NSF check to an electronic transaction allows two additional submissions to the check writer’s checking account, increasing the opportunities for recovery
  • Financial institutions typically have clearing procedures in place that give priority to electronic transactions over checks being presented for payment
  • The electronic submissions are strategically timed to coincide with availability of funds in the check writer’s account (i.e. Friday, Monday), increasing the opportunities for recovery
  • Historically, Re$ubmitIt collects 70-75% of all “bounced” checks
  • You will receive 100% of the face value of all checks collected with the funds being automatically deposited into your NWSB bank account weekly.
  • Some items are not eligible for RCK re-presentment (i.e. accounts marked “closed”, “stopped payments”, if the amount of the check is over $2,500, if the check is from a business; or if the check is more than 180 days old).  However, Re$ubmitIt does have the resources to process these items using alternative collection methods.
  • In the event a NSF item is not eligible for re-presentment via RCK or by an alternate method or if these efforts have been fully exhausted, Re$ubmitIt will attempt to collect the item through a third party collection agency at NO CHARGE to you
  • There is no set-up fee and no equipment to purchase, this is a free service!
  • You must notify customers of the Re$ubmitIt electronic check recovery policy by posting notification at the point of sale or by including notification on invoices, work orders etc.

Click here for more information on Re$ubmitIt

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